The benefits of using TK Pro® software for your safety permitting requirements are extensive!  They range from direct cost offset; i.e. labor savings or greater up-time on your critical equipment to greater effectiveness, efficiency and most importantly improved safety at your facility!  Listed below are several of the key benefits:

Simplified Audits

TK Pro® stores all of its data for all safety permits and their associated processes in one place and the process is customizable to support your policies.  Having all the data captured in your safety permitting processes makes it simple to audit the various safety permits utilized in the TK Pro® application.

Complete Package

TK Pro® provides support for all of your safety permitting needs!  It will print all of your safety permits (lockout-tagout (LOTO), Safe Work Permit, Confined Space permits, Hot Work Permits, Energized Electrical Work Permits and much more) with the forms, tags and associated information on adhoc reports and procedures for isolating hazardous energy based on your current processes. TK Pro® can also use information from your Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) system, minimizing data entry errors.


TK Pro® allows for multiple jobs/work orders from your CMMS to be linked to the various safety permits: i.e. safe work permit, lockout-tagout permits, etc. so you know exactly which jobs/work orders have been completed and which jobs/work orders need to be completed before restoring hazardous energy to systems.


TK Pro® allows modifications of a specific safety permit; (i.e. lockout-tagout, safe work permits, etc.) where the required safe environment is different from a standard template, (i.e., when a control is leaking-by or a test needs to be conducted). All of the changes available in TK Pro® are visible and tracked via the transactional logging.

Increased Productivity

Because of the reduced administrative workload utilizing TK Pro® for performing a safety permit and all associated documentation, operators and maintenance personnel can spend more time performing the actual corrective or preventative maintenance at your facility.

Easy to Learn Interface

TK Pro® has an outstanding user interface that is designed for all safety permits to be easy to learn and simple to use – period!  A safety permit (i.e. lockout-tagout, safe work permit, etc.) using TK Pro® can be created in as few as three mouse clicks with all of the documentation, forms and tags printed and ready for use.

Rapid Return on Investment

TK Pro® is designed to significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency by reducing the amount of time required to perform the administrative tasks of all your safety permitting processes and show a more effective output!  As an example; TK Pro® can reduce the time necessary to create a lockout-tagout permit by as much as 87%. The TK Pro® solution can pay for itself in the time savings of labor and process efficiencies that will be saved by further automation and streamlining of your safety permitting processes. 

Standardized Processes

The flexibility of TK Pro® to support all of your safety permitting processes is unparalleled in the industry!  TK Pro® supports your approved, defined processes reducing the likelihood of mistakes that could create unsafe working conditions as well as helping to standardize all of your safety permitting processes in one application.

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