TK Pro® is a Windows®-based program designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in creating industry safety permitting; such as Lockout-Tagout (LOTO), Permit to Work, Safe Work Permit, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Confined Space Permit, Hot Work Permit and much, much more to help you meet all your safety requirements. TK Pro® was designed with over 20 years of experience in the safety permitting arena with our industry leading safety permitting software; TagLink®.  The TK Pro® application also takes into consideration feedback/input from operators, supervisors, and plant managers over the last 20 years who were focused on spending less administrative time taking care of paperwork while improving safety and increasing machinery up-time.

Power plants, universities, manufacturing facilities, and municipalities world-wide using TK Pro® report gains of up to 87% in productive time for operators and significant savings due to reduced down-time during planned or corrective maintenance.

Safety Permitting; i.e. Lockout-Tagout procedures are standardized in TK Pro® ensuring consistency when performing isolations of hazardous energy, facilitating compliance with OSHA Regulations and creating a safer environment.

TK Pro’s business rules are extremely flexible and can be aligned to your safety permitting processes, to use your forms, tags and most importantly follow your existing safety permitting; i.e. lockout-tagout policies. We also provide a host of services and on-site support to maximize your success.

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